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Paul- E Design Aps

Solar Panels for Your Home


Solar power is one of the most popular alternative energy sources at the moment. With solar panels, you can significantly reduce your electricity bills and provide your home with a sustainable source of electricity. The options we provide are perfect for private homes in NY.
Whenever you are ready, request a consultation with our manager and sign a contract. Our team of dedicated experts will ensure your solar panels are installed to the highest standard, following rigorous safety, health, and environmental standards.

We complete most installations within a day, but some larger jobs may take a little longer. We will let you know once we know the size of the system you need. This becomes clear after the initial consultation and site visit by our engineering team.

Sunlight offers comprehensive and hassle-free services for property owners in New York. With our company, you can go solar easily, relying on the vast experience of our team. Hundreds of clients choose Sunlight among other solar panel installation companies due to a number of benefits:


Accredited Installers

Our team is accredited and passes safety engagement (CSE) checks.


Installation Included

When you get an installation quote from us, that's the price you'll pay.


Trusted Supplier

With thousands of installations completed, you're in safe hands.


Maintenance Options

The comprehensive assistance we give doesn't stop after installation.


Solar Power Panels for Private Homes

Whether your roof faces south, east or west, your home is perfect to have solar power panels installed.

Installing solar panels on a private home can significantly reduce electricity bills and ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity. It is an eco-friendly solution available to everyone thanks to our offers:

    No hidden fees in case of lease, you pay only the monthly rate;
    Comprehensive warranty for 25 years provided by Sunlight;
    Installation of solar panels is classed as a "permitted development";
    Customized solutions according to your budget and electricity usage.

Usually, we recommend putting up our own scaffold to ensure the safety of your family and our solar panel installers. However, there are exceptions when the scaffold is already in place for renovation works. If you want to install solar panels on a new house that is being built right now, that scaffold may also meet our safety standards. Anyway, each case is individual.

We install modern solar panels from top manufacturers. Their efficiency is at least 20% and can be even more, depending on the house's location. Contact our experts to make calculations and receive an individual offer that will fully cover your electricity needs.